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Cool Electronic Toys

cool electronic toys

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Magnetic Electronic Project Kit

Magnetic Electronic Project Kit

Who says the difference is the price of the toys?

We had to go to the post office to mail some stuff, and on the way back we stopped by a toy store... just to look... okay, maybe we wanted to see if they had more of those neat Magnetix kits because I need more pieces to finish my pyramid... ;-)

But then I came across this coolest thing ever! Buy me! Buy me! Buy me!

Okay, just ignore the dorky kids on the cover, and take a good look at what it actually is. It's like the Magnetix thing, but instead of plain bars, each segment is an electronic component: a yellow connector, a brown resistor, a red capacitor, a transparent LED light, or a blue transistor, photocell, motor with fan, light bulb, or Christmas-tree light controller IC.

It sure gives the term "electromagnetism" a whole new dimension! :-)

I've been playing around with it, and it's really cool! Great learning tool, too!

Of course, now I need many, many, more parts!!! (I don't think they sell more parts... but that circuit next to the magnet has two capacitors, and this only comes with one... hmmm... maybe I can saw open the original Magnetix bits?)



The Toys”R”Us at Time Square is probably the coolest Toys”R”Us ever made! My cousin’s children always brag about how awesome their Toys”R”Us is and how I should see it for myself. I didn’t quite believe them, so I started to brag about how awesome the Toys”R”Us is in California and how THEY should visit me instead. Turns out they are right. Now I am ashamed…

cool electronic toys

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