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Learning Toys Baby

learning toys baby

  • The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, practice, or study, or by being taught

  • eruditeness: profound scholarly knowledge

  • (learn) gain knowledge or skills; "She learned dancing from her sister"; "I learned Sanskrit"; "Children acquire language at an amazing rate"

  • Knowledge acquired in this way

  • the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge; "the child's acquisition of language"

  • (toy) dally: behave carelessly or indifferently; "Play about with a young girl's affection"

  • An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult

  • (toy) plaything: an artifact designed to be played with

  • An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something

  • A person treated by another as a source of pleasure or amusement rather than with due seriousness

  • (toy) a nonfunctional replica of something else (frequently used as a modifier); "a toy stove"

  • pamper: treat with excessive indulgence; "grandparents often pamper the children"; "Let's not mollycoddle our students!"

  • The youngest member of a family or group

  • A young or newly born animal

  • a very young child (birth to 1 year) who has not yet begun to walk or talk; "the baby began to cry again"; "she held the baby in her arms"; "it sounds simple, but when you have your own baby it is all so different"

  • the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young); "the baby of the family"; "the baby of the Supreme Court"

  • A very young child, esp. one newly or recently born



Bethany and the baby she used to nanny interacting with learning toys.


Lovebird babies, DAY 23

Lovebird babies, DAY 23

Sunny learned how to stand up straight and tall! In size and age order from right to left ;]

learning toys baby

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